dating rules for men
dating opening lines

TassieGirl44 30/F

crazygirl2have 23/F

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Hair and Mouth

  • Stroking or toying with hair while maintain eye contact
  • Touching your hair at any time
  • Licking of the lips
  • Heaps of smiles while you speak
  • Puckering of the lips in a way that you would simulate a kiss
  • The touching of the lips or teeth with the tongue in any way

Body Movement

  • While holding gaze, she thrusts her chest or breasts outwards or leaning towards to you
  • Mirroring your posture
  • Moving to the rhythm of music while holding your gaze
  • With her legs crossed towards your way
  • Open legged posture facing you
  • The display of flesh of arm or thigh


  • With some sort of excuse she will touch you and will reach out to do so
  • Offering to place food in your mouth as if feeding you
  • Playing with her hands and then with yours

The Way they speak

  • Mirroring the conversation by copying your tone and speed
  • Asking plenty of questions with lots of laughter

Remember flirting is a fun thing and a way to know each other. So make the best out of the moment and enjoy.